QuickTime Web Page Wizard

Step 1

Where is your file located? Please add your folder and file name to the end of the text below (e.g. videodemo/sample.mov).

example -- rtsp://media1.csus.edu/usr/videodemo/sample.mov   

Step 2

What type of media is your file?
Audio only

Step 3

If audio only, please skip to Step 4. Questions (a) and (b) only relate to video.
(a) Do you want the control buttons to be visible beneath your video (as shown below)?
Quicktime controls
Yes No

(b) What are the dimensions of your video? Enter the values for width and height or leave the default values as shown.


Step 4

What title do you want to appear in a browser when your new Web page is displayed? Enter your title in the box below.

Step 5

Create your new Web page or clear your selections.

Note: After the wizard creates your Web page it will be displayed in this browser window. Please save the page as an HTML only file by selecting File > Save As from your browser menu.


questions/comments: web@csus.edu
last reviewed: May 24, 2005